We love what we do


We are a team strongly committed to social organizations. .


We empower social organizations to create more and better impact in Latin American communities.


We create new opportunities for social organizations by executing fundraising strategies for growth. Our group of professionals work with clients in several cities throughout Latin America, including Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Lima, Bogotá, Santiago de Chile


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“Good things might come to those who wait, but better things definitely come to those who go for them”


To be part of a sustainable society with civil organizations able to tackle the most relevant and urgent problems.


To strengthen Civil Society Organizations, creating fundraising and growth strategies.

We love what we do



1. We are idealistic and socially engaged.


2. We foster, guide and encourage impact in Latin American communities. 


3. We firmly prioritise our aims.


4. First Who, then What.


5. We seek to innovate on an unprecedented scale through open communication.


6. We are naturally disruptive, creative and passionate changemakers.


7. We are free agents responsibly committed to our team.


8. We constantly challenge the status quo.


9. We build relationships based on empathy, respect, joy and optimism.


10. We empower Proa leaders and think the future together.